In the late 1980's, drawing on Sue's knowledge of media and Gary's lifetime spent in the cattle business, they combined forces to create a weekly cattleman's newspaper "Cattle Country News". In it, Gary began to write a column "Under the Wire", so named because that is how he just barely made deadline each week. To Gary's, but not Sue's, suprise, readers enjoyed his humorous observations of life in rural America. When they left the paper to devote more time to the radio business, Gary thought his writing career was over. Soon other publications asked him to continue writing. Today "Under The Wire" can be read weekly in newspapers and magazines throughout rural and 'not so rural' America. One column about measuring grain for his horses with a 'three pound coffee can' was featured in the official publication of the National Bureau of Standards. East Coast visitors to the "Dodge Truck World's Toughest Rodeo Series" from Madison Wisconsin to Atlanta, Georgia are greeted by a two page spread of his columns and a bio on the Colorado cowboy/ writer. He is proudest, however, to be part of small, rural publications where readers can say "Yep, I remember when that happened to me." The columns have spun off two 'best of' books shown below and a C.D., Ever Seen A Cow...Boy featuring the voices of Gary and Sue. Click on each for a sample story. For information on adding "Under the Wire" to your publication or to order the books or C.D. go to Contact.